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my name is ericka i do love everyone im just a simple girl with a simple life i have my own personality never tries to be someone I also love Kpop and everything about asians I love bunny & neko ~!

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trip to korea
cirle lens
psp go
own blog
pink vaio laptop
meet u-kiss
new cellphone
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This blog was opened by yherika to accomodate her mindless musings and random rantings. She's crazy; she's the girl next door Deeply in love with Teddies, Movies and Friends Forever She likes Stephenie Meyer, cuz the whole weird idea of white vampires

Hi there! kindly please show some respect on my blog thank you :)
I made a logo
Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 6:01 AM

i made a cute logo for NOSEBLEED COSPLAYERS GUILD :ichigo: i just saw a fanpage from facebook who needs a new logo i just tried to make one they find it cute i dont know if i'll win well i just tried by the way this fanpage is for anime loves and cosplayers i found cosplayers very cool and cute too How i wish i could see my favorite cosplayers And take picture with them

My favorite Cosplayer

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classes are suspended
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @ 6:20 AM

oh yeah! classes are suspended today because of the storm ohh yeah i feel like i wanna sleep all day ang sarap matulog pag ganitong malamig wanna sleep with me? ohh GOSH meron nanamang pasok bukas i hope there will be no class for tomorrow hindi ko pa nga nagagawa yung assignment ko sa filipino eh 2nd subject pa naman namin yun nakakatamad talaga sobra!ako na ang TAMAD pagktapos hindi pa kami magkasundo ni physics grabe nahihirapan ako dun kailan kaya ako madadalian dun? parang may topak naman din kasi yung teacher namin dun eh diko maintindihan magturo **sigh** pwede bang turuan mo nalang ako? baka sakali maintindihan ko agad sana wala ng pasok kaso mukhang meron wala na daw
ksi yung bagyo nakakasar naman oh~ BAHALA na nga para sa assignment bukas

PS: i wanna watch twilight badly~ but i can't fuck i don't have money yet this is the first time i can't watch twilight on cinema i really wanna watch it~


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pink & pink
Monday, July 12, 2010 @ 6:41 AM

i want this laptop so bad it is so cute **sigh** kelan ko kaya mabibili to? how i wish mom can buy me this one ohhh i really want PINK VAIO mini laptop haha but obviously i can't afford this one can you you buy this one for me? i would be HAPPY if you buy me this one i wanna ask this one from my grandpa but he bought to much for me already so can you buy one for me please? HAHA i act like crazy lil kid askin for something

P.S ~: i'lll just stick with this blog first


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